At The Bright Group we are committed to provide high quality products and services that will conform or exceed to Customer, Statutory and Regulatory requirements and to ensure that these quality requirements are determined and satisfied throughout each phase of contract performance.

We acknowledge ongoing changes to requirements and strive for continuous improvement in our processes in order to satisfy or exceed customer requirements. Our quality policy therefore will be reviewed time to time to ensure we are operating to meet or exceed all the requirements and provide a continuous improvement environment.

Our Quality Policy enforces via established Key Performance Indicators that are assessed regularly to ensure our objectives are met. It shall be a primary responsibility of all Management to implement and train personnel in the smooth running and improvement of the Quality System.

Our overall objective is to grow the business by working with our customers in a mutually satisfying partnership providing flexibility, capability, productivity and responsiveness. We seek to enhance our customer’s competitive advantage by providing:

  • a full range of quality manufacturing solutions
  • a globally competitive cost
  • exceeding our customer’s expectations

The procedures described in the Quality Assurance System have been introduced for the purpose of achieving the Company’s Financial and Quality Plans. All the work instructions described in the Manuals are mandatory throughout the Company and no unauthorized deviations or alterations are permitted.