TBG’s R&D team are always investigating new technologies, that either utilized in our products, or become components for our customers projects.

As TBG’s products are components of or EGMs or other such assemblies, we allow for a number of customizations for fit and functionality.

Feel to reach to TBG with your requirement.

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EGM Accessories

TBG long of working with EGM/VLT manufacturers have allowed use insight to the industrie’s needs and trends.

We have developed a range of base accessory products aimed at adding function and improving aesthetic aspects of the EGM/VLTs.

Video Display Products

Lighting Products

Our Design and Engineering teaming can assist with helping customers create the ideal lighting solution to fit a product or fill a space. TBG’s experiences with lighting solutions and lighting products give TBG the advantage of being able to provide the right solution for your requirement.